" The Unknown Must Become Known "- F.W. Putnam

Unknown Darkness

"Mischievous: Ghost Stories & illustrations"

​by: Adam d. tillery

"Seeing" Spirits: Opening the empathic door

written by: Katie Hopkins

​Illustrations by: Adam D. Tillery

Take a journey with paranormal investigator and artist Adam Tillery into his supernatural experiences at historic locations and throughout his personal life, then fall deeper into his haunted psyche with several original creative creepy spine-tingling tales. Each story is highlighted with a piece of authentic artwork straight from his own hand, captured from the canvas of his mind and shared as a snapshot into the world of the unknown.

"Encounters with the paranormal: Volume 3:

personal tales of the supernatural"

Forward By: Mike Ricksecker

​Illustrations by: Adam D. Tillery

In this third volume, read about more haunted houses, supernatural creatures, messages from pets from the other side, haunted history, experiences during paranormal investigations, psychic experiences, and more, including a dedicated section to the historic Mineral Springs Hotel. ENCOUNTERS WITH THE PARANORMAL: VOLUME 3 reveals more personal stories of the supernatural and paranormal, continuing to explore the realm beyond the veil through its contributors.

This book features one of katie's most terrifying experiences to date in the paranormal field.

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Katie Hopkins can"see" spirits. What does it mean to be an empath? Follow Katie on a journey as a seasoned paranormal investigator, from her humble beginnings to discovering her abilities and investigating some of the most haunted locations in America’s Midwest. Have a look inside real paranormal investigations at historic locations, and get an inside glimpse at what spirits really look like through the eyes of an empath.

"walking With Ghosts"

By: Vanessa hogle

Walk in the shoes of a psychic medium as she travels through England, Scotland, and the United States, teaming up with seasoned paranormal investigators and sharing her adventures. Follow Vanessa Hogle through Edinburgh, The Hellfire Caves, Grace Deux Priory, Whitby Abbey, Sayler’s Creek Battlefield, the 360 Cabin, and more. Discover what it’s like to be a psychic medium who ventures into extremely haunted locations with a very personal view of the supernatural through her eyes. WALKING WITH GHOSTS is an eye- opening journey into the world of the unseen... one just needs to take the first step.

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